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81 Golden Drive, Unit #101B
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R2


81 Golden Drive, Unit #101B
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R2


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Capital / Commercial

HVAC Installation

Project Description

LPI was tasked with replacing an outdated humidifier with three smaller ones, along with the associated plumbing and HVAC work.

Scope of work

With a capacity of 550lb/hr, the client’s existing humidifier had been out of commission for more than two years and needed to be replaced with three new smaller units.

LPI’s HVAC & Plumbing team removed and disposed of the old humidifier, along with three steam lines feeding into the makeup air unit 50 feet away. We also removed and disposed of the gas line, water line, drain lines and venting.

After building a new housekeeping pad to accommodate three new humidifiers, we reworked the gas, venting, and existing water softening system. We also installed condensate drain lines, complete with neutralizers and piping according to the closest floor drain.

And finally, we put in new sensors and programmed and tested the units. 

Project Details

  • Project Location: Mississauga, ON

  • Project Type: Commercial